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This guide contains an overview of how to setup PHP5, Apache2, and other PHP related tools on Nitrous.

Creating a PHP Dev Environment

To get started with PHP development, select the PHP (LAMP) template when creating a new container. This template contains the full LAMP stack needed to get you serving web applications as quickly as possible.

The following software is already installed within your PHP (LAMP) template:

  • PHP 5.5.9
  • composer 1.0.0-alpha9
  • apache 2.4.7 with mod-php set up
  • mysql 5.5

Previewing your App

Apache is already set up to listen to port 3000 and serve the contents of /home/nitrous/code/public_html. The directory contains an index.php file which shows phpinfo().

You can preview your application by going to Preview > Port 3000 from the IDE menu.

Customizing the server setup

You can customize mod-php settings by editing /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini. Server settings can be changed by editing /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf.

Remember to restart Apache with sudo service apache2 restart after editing those files so that your changes are applied.


A MySQL user nitrous has been created with all privileges. For security reasons, remote access to MySQL is turned off by default.

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