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Setup a Dev Environment

To setup your development environment you will need to first create a Container, followed by selecting a new plan if you have not yet done so.

Create a New Container

If you have just signed up you will be prompted to select a new template. You can also navigate to New > Container within the menu bar, and from there select the template of your choice. In this tutorial we will select the Ruby on Rails template.

After selecting a template you can name the container or leave the default name as is. Select Next after you have made your selection.


Note: Stack templates include a sample app with a database already configured, allowing you to start coding on a new app immediately. Basic templates provide you with a Linux environment and many interpreters and tools pre-installed, but no sample app.

Select Your Plan

If you have not signed up for a plan yet then you will be prompted to at this point. Additional information on pricing and details for each plan can be found on the pricing page.

Select a plan and enter your payment information. You will not be billed until the end of the month. More information can be found in the Billing & Pricing FAQ.

After a moment your development environment will be created. Click on the IDE button to get started.


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