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Introducing Autoparts for Nitrous.IO - Run MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and more

Sep 18, 20132 Comments

Formula 1

Today we're announcing a new way for you to add powerful services to the applications that you are developing on Nitrous.IO boxes.

Autoparts is an open-source package manager built specifically for Nitrous.IO boxes. Our command line client allows you to install software packages like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and more through our command line interface. Autoparts also provides an easy way for you to start and stop the services that you have installed.


Autoparts comes pre-installed on all new boxes created starting from today. You can also install Autoparts on existing "Bran" version of boxes or newer. Although it is possible to install Autoparts on the older "Arya" version of boxes, it is not officially supported, and certain packages (e.g. MongoDB) may not work correctly.

To check whether Autoparts is installed on your "Bran" box, simply enter parts in your command line (console). If it is installed you will see a help message showing the usage, and an error message otherwise.

Bran Box

To install Autoparts on "bran" boxes that did not come with Autoparts pre-installed, do the following:

Download and install Autoparts:

$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Reload shell:

$ exec $SHELL -l

Check that Autoparts is correctly installed:

$ parts

Autoparts Installation


Autoparts is a command line utility, and can be run via the console in our Web IDE or via SSH. Running parts help will give you a concise list of commands that you can run.

Firstly, run the update command to ensure that you are running the latest version of Autoparts. Updates typically include new package definitions, feature improvements, and bug fixes.

$ parts update

To see the list of all packages available, use the search command:

$ parts search

parts search

You can also use the command to search for a particular keyword.

Installing a package is just as easy. For example, to install MySQL, use the install command:

$ parts install mysql

Once MySQL is successfully installed, you can start the MySQL service by issuing the start command:

$ parts start mysql

To see the list of services that are currently running on your machine through Autoparts, use the status command:

$ parts status

parts status

You can check that mysql is up and running by running mysql command line utility.



Autoparts is built for the community of developers who build applications on Nitrous.IO. Anyone can write their own package definition and submit it to be included in the official repository. If you'd like to see a new language, database, or other package included, please refer to Autoparts Github page.


how can i tell what version box I have (arya, bran or later)? I am not seeing this information anywhere.
Additionally, I created my nitrous account and all boxes after this article was written but the $ parts command results in zsh: command not found: parts

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