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Nitrous.IO raises $6.65M Series A financing from Bessemer Venture Partners

Mar 18, 20140 Comments

A Brief History

In 2012, we started building Nitrous.IO. Our mission: to accelerate software development by making development environments easier to create, configure, and share. With Nitrous.IO, getting started on a company project or learning a new language/framework are no longer rites of passage.

Why development environments? In the past few years, most of the software we use everyday has moved to the cloud. Email, file storage, video services, music -- almost everything is a cloud service these days. Yet the very people responsible for building our favorite software applications are still downloading and configuring their programming languages, databases and utilities on their own machines. This process of developing software “locally” is inefficient and error-prone.

Massive adoption

The initial response from the development community has been astounding. Nitrous.IO has grown to over 100,000 registered developers from over 4,000 engineering organizations in just seven months since launching our public beta through word-of-mouth alone -- without a dollar spent on marketing!

Still using the ChromeBook Pixel, still loving @nitrousio (formerly @actionio). I love the web! — Yehuda Katz (@wycats) April 19, 2013

For @skylightio, we use Java, Rails, Postgres, Cassandra & Ember. Pretty cool to be able to hack on that stack in a browser with @NitrousIO. — Tom Dale (@tomdale) July 31, 2013

Developers at companies like Heroku, Hashrocket, and Balanced Payments use Nitrous.IO to snapshot development environments to share with their teams, and to collaborate on code in real-time. But it's not just the big names. All in all, developers have edited code in over 3 million files on the platform and have saved over 500,000 hours in setup and configuration costs. Professors at major universities like UC Berkeley and NYU are using the platform to provide standard environments for their students to build applications.

Bessemer Venture Partners

With all this momentum, we're excited to announce that we recently closed a $6.65M Series A financing led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from CrunchFund, 500 Startups, Eduardo Saverin, Larry Link, Bill Ackman and Razmig Hovaghimian. Sunil Nagaraj and David Cowan at Bessemer have been our biggest supporters since day one. They are convinced not only that software development will move entirely to the cloud, but also that the Nitrous.IO team is best-suited to achieve that vision.

What we’ll do with the money

We have achieved much to date with our small team, and we have even bigger plans this year with our Web IDE, desktop apps, Chrome App, and some powerful collaborative tools we will announce soon.

With this funding we are aggressively hiring platform and full stack engineers, developer evangelists and will continue to build our product design team. We have some big product announcements coming in April and May, so stay tuned to @nitrousio for updates.

We're incredibly excited to see the next generation of applications developed on Nitrous.IO! Thanks again to the developer community for all of the amazing feedback and support.

Team Nitrous.IO

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